Ads from The Saturday Review of Literature

Ads taken from back issues of the Saturday Review of Literature
between 1925 and 1960

An outlet of the Neglected Books Page:

PALESTRINA TO PETUNIAS! Unique, extensive, comprehensive reference files. Creative writer for radio advertising, travel or concert bureau. MY FILES AND I ARE YOURS. Box 104-B.

To Everyone I Know

To Everyone I Know: SEASON’S GREETINGS. Kenneth Raizen.

from 10 Brit. J. Delinq. 277 (1959-1960)

Job First, Talk Pay Later

PUBLICITY REPORTER, 12 years’ experience NYC dailies with fund-raising experience, too. Handled national public relations and fund raising projects. Needs job first, talk pay later. Age, 37, personable, can travel. Would consider library job or editorial research. Box 27-K.

PSYCHOLOGIST, valuing the subtle, the simple, but especially the sensitive, invites feminine correspondence. Box 146-B.


MUSIC-LOVING, semi-introverted, liberal-minded, young male would correspond with female of similar temperament. Box 143-B.

"You know those things people used to write in to the Saturday Review personal column?” he asked me. “Remember, they stopped it, but before they did, how these freaky people used to advertise to find each other? Like the word ‘gay’ was the code that the guy was a queen—‘Cultivated ex-officer seeks gentleman to share a charming, gay apartment.’ That kind of stuff. And if the ad said the guy was a metallurgist, it meant he liked to do numbers with chains. And those people who offered to exchange childhood recollections—they were hot to be spanked? I just went to one of their parties the other night. A real Saturday Review of Literature party.”

from Breaking Up, by W. H. Manville


GENERAL FACTOTUM, personable, college man, 34, desires unusual position as secretary, companion, house manager, city, country. Your man-Friday is available. Box 155-B.

X-ray eyes for resolving inhibitions

I CAN GIVE YOU deeply sympathetic criticism of your manuscripts. Have been useful to eminent writers in this. Can intelligently egg you on to get your book done at its very best. Have X-ray eyes for resolving inhibitions, doubts, knowing so well my own. Have published more tha 2,000,000 words. Describe manuscript; will estimate cost. BRENDA UELAND. Box 164-B.

Brenda Ueland inspired generations of would-be writers with her classic book, If You Want to Write. She was a classic independent spirit who married three times and had numerous lovers, including the Arctic explorer Fridtjof Nansen.You can find short biographical sketches on Wikipedia and the Minnesota Historical Society (which notes that “Access to Fridtjof Nansen’s letters is limited to persons age 18 and older”).